Self Discoveries...Your Fulfillment...IMAGINE!!!!! 


Coaching is a Co-Creative Relationship which utilizes proven tools and technologies which focus on YOU having a clear vision (outcome), creating a compelling purpose, and a clear plan of action for how to achieve all YOU desire. Coaching focuses on the psychology of your success - the impact of beliefs, focus, language, physiology, and more to create lasting fulfillment. You're an unlimited source of abundant creative energy - let's tap into it because you matter, don't you?

LEAN INTO LIFE ™, Inc. provides...
Social-Emotional Peak Performance Coaching and Life Strategies for Growth and Fulfillment. Our Mission is about empowering clients, thru a co-creative relationship, to achieve their objectives thru a process of self-discovery inclusive of:

- Breaking old patterns and habits (for eg., smoking)
- Relinquishing negative disempowering emotions
- Conquering fears
- Creating empowering internal experiences regardless of external events
- Eliminating self sabotage
- Gaining mastery of your mind
- Unlearning fear and returning to love
- Experiencing transformative learning vs informative learning
- Improving relationships - intrapersonal and interpersonal
- Learning to live in the present
- Managing emotional states and ultimately choosing them
- Transforming your mindset for a more rewarding life
- Uncovering resources you already have to be resourceful in all areas of your life
- To guide you to stop discounting who you are and what you are capable of.

Company Overview

LEAN INTO LIFE ™, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Ira Scott and is about helping individuals, couples, and groups recognize and understand their own personal power to enhance all the experiences of their lives by stretching beyond illusory limitations with unprecedented levels of well-being, peace of mind, clarity, focus, creativity, and purpose - leading to deeper connections with self and others. Using the core components of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Human Needs Psychology, Spiritual Consciousness and more - LEAN INTO LIFE ™, Inc. clients are empowered to find their answers that are inherently within themselves AND to take measurable action for positive, lasting, empowering, and fulfilling growth.

Begin imagining a life you now courageously dare to make outstanding !!!!

Live on purpose, Live with passion, Live in gratitude, LEAN INTO LIFE ™ !!!!


If you want results in order to achieve what you want most in life, then imagine working with a Life Coach who forges a partnership with you and focuses on the psychology of your own personal success? A Life Coach who takes coaching to a much higher level by providing you with positive feedback and a very specific understanding of how you are putting things together in your mind. How your internal language and your thoughts for processing beliefs and values combine together to produce your success or failure of what is most important to you. 

As a professional Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Ira Scott works with individuals, couples and groups to understand how to succeed on a very high level through his extensive training and skills in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis, Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology.

“Most if not all people want to be fulfilled in many areas of their lives and aren't precisely sure how to get there,” says Ira. “Getting there is a process. By isolating limiting beliefs and stretching beyond them, I can effectively lead an individual to a place of clarity, purpose, peace of mind and help them to discover and maintain a deeper connection with themselves and others.”

Ira goes on to say that, “Coaching client's is a co-creative process that allows people to enhance all experiences of their own personal lives. Through the use of proven coaching tools and strategies, my client's develop a clear vision and a purposeful outcome. I wish more people would learn about these powerful tools in order to achieve the results they want. Anyone who is seeking positive lasting change can benefit.”

“One on one” life coaching sessions and/or group events with Ira Scott are powerful, highly interesting and very insightful for all who wish to achieve success and personal fulfillment.

- Co-Author - CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM  - Uplifting Stories for Positive Forward Thinking.  

- ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited - Certified Life Coach.
- Certified Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ®.
- Certified Hypnotist American Board of Hypnotherapy Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis.
- Certified "Belief Craft ™” – Knowledge Engineering and Sleight of Mouth.
- HNP (Human Needs Psychology) / Strategic Intervention.
- Certified Practitioner - The Havening Techniques™. 
- Member - Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.
- Member - American Board of Hypnotherapy.
- Member - ICF (International Coach Federation).
- Member - LICA (Long Island Coaching Alliance).